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Do I need to comply with building regulations?
All spiral staircases whether new or replacement need to comply with the UK building regulations - there are also special requirements for Spiral Stairs and Space Saver stairs which are detailed in BS5395-2, the British Standard which applies to staircases of this type, BS5395-2 is referred to in building regulations as the general standard for spiral staircases and helical stairs. For expert and impartial advice email us at info@spiralstairs-direct.co.uk, or give us a call on 0121 351 1533 and discuss your requirements with one of our experienced UK technical team members.

Spiral Staircase Dimensions under Building Regs BS5395-2

One aspect of UK building regulations is that it refers to British Standard BS5395-2 for most aspects of spiral staircase dimensions. 

Generally the two key tread dimensions are: 
Clear tread width - measured between the INSIDE of the handrail and the centre column - this should be a MINIMUM of 600mm
Tread riser height - this should be a MAXIMUM of 220mm to meet UK building regulations. Generally if you divide the total finished floor to finished floor height of your room (NOT floor to ceiling!) by 220mm this will give you the minimum number of risers in your staircase to meet building regs. If the result is not a whole number then you need to adjust to the next whole number above - e.g. if the result is 13.5 risers, you actually need 14 risers.
Please note most spiral staircases with height adjustment will have a quoted range of adjustment up to 230mm per riser - if you need to use a riser height above 220mm for any reason then we suggest you first contact your building control department for clearance.
Ordering and delivery process

How do I place an order / pay for an order?


Orders can easily be placed online using our secure website or on the phone, the price is the same whichever method you choose.
We accept VISA and Mastercard credit and debit cards for all items except Custom stairs. Or you can pay by BACS or CHAPS electronic transfer, for more details about making this type of payment please contact us. For Custom stairs we only accept bank transfer BACS and CHAPS payments.

We regret we no longer take cheques, Green Shield stamps, Luncheon Vouchers or Kidney donor cards in payment.


How long will it take for my delivery to arrive?


For Spiral and Space saver Staircase kits in stock in the UK, delivery times are typically 3 working days. Please see the delivery information on the product web page for more information. For items made to order or shipped from Italy,delivery times will be longer - please check on the product web page for the latest delivery info. All our deliveries are pre-booked so you will know what day to expect the order.


How are the Items delivered?


Large items, such as spiral staircases, are delivered in shipping crates or cartons, on pallets. We offer kerbside deliveries only. The carrier will offload the goods to a point as close to your property as access will allow. The carrier cannot carry the goods into your property. Small items are usually delivered by parcels carrier.


Dimensions and opening sizes


Will the staircase fit into the space I have available?


For Modular and Space Saver stairs, the easiest way to determine this is to download the brochures from the "Brochure Downloads” section on our website – all of the dimensions and layout plans for these staircases are included in the brochures, along with all the technical information on each product.
Spiral Staircase kits come in a range of diameters – typically 1200mm, 1400mm and 1600mm. Just measure the space you have available to see which size will fit best. Allow 25mm clearance all round the outside of the staircase. Some customers find it easier to draw a circle of the corresponding size on card or paper template and place this on the floor where the staircase is to be sited - this gives a good visual reference to assist you when choosing the best size for your space.


What size opening do I need for a Spiral Staircase?


You need to make the opening 50mm larger than the spiral staircase, to allow for clearance and space for your fingers when holding the handrail. You can make the opening round or square, so for example a 1400mm staircase would require an opening 1450mm round, or 1450mm x 1450mm square.


Do I need to know the floor to floor height?


All of the Spiral Staircase kits, Modular Staircase kits and Space Saver Staircases are adjustable for height, and each web page shows the range of height adjustment available for the standard staircase. In most cases additional treads can be purchased to increase the height range to suit. For more information please email technical@spiralstairs-direct.co.uk, please include your finished floor to floor measurement.


Online Brochures 

We have a number of online brochures and helpful layout guides on our website, please see the brochures section click here...
Assembling the staircase


Is it easy to build a Spiral / Modular / Space Saver Staircase?

All of the Spiral Staircase Modulars and Space Saver stair kits have been designed to be as easy as possible to assemble. Most spiral staircase and other kits come with a DVD or DVD-ROM which takes you gently through the installation process, as well as a set of written instructions. There is little or no fabrication as everything is generally pre-machined and is designed to go together like flat-pack furniture. You don’t need any special tools, but we recommend that you are at least a competent DIY’er – if you can’t put a shelf up straight, or have never attempted DIY then it’s probably better to get some professional help! Any competent local tradesman will be able to install one of these staircases if you don’t feel like having a go yourself. Alternatively we can provide a quote via our Approved Installer if you prefer, just give us a call or drop us a line via our enquiry form on the Contact Us page.


How long should it take to assemble?


If you are planning on assembling the staircase yourself, then our tip is to take your time in the beginning and not rush into it – take some time to view the DVD (if supplied with your chosen model) and read through the instructions thoroughly. A helper is always useful to hand you components, and make the tea!
A novice should allow one to two full days for a Spiral or Space Saver, two full days for a Modular – obviously the total time you take will vary depending on the pace you want to work at. These average installation times do not include forming an opening if one does not pre-exist.


Is everything I need to build the staircase supplied?


The Spiral, Modular and Space Saver kits include everything you need to assemble the staircase, including components, fixings and items such as Allen Keys. You need to supply the basic tools needed to assemble the kit, which are listed in the instructions. Most DIY’ers will already have these items as they are found in most home tool kits.
You may need to consider accessories such as Landing balustrade kits, which can be purchased with the staircase, or afterwards.




What are Child-safety Riser Bar Kits and do I need them?


Child-safety Riser bars are designed to fit horizontally between the treads of an open-tread staircase. They reduce the gap between treads to less than 100mm, so that they comply with the 100mm rule in building regs. The building regulations (England and Wales) state that these should be fitted to all open tread stairs, particularly where children under 5 may be using the staircase. They can be fitted after the staircase has been completed, or during the build. Scottish regulations state that open-tread staircases in purpose groups 1 & 5 should have riser bars fitted as standard - we would recommend contacting your local Building Control Officer for further information.


How do I know how many landing balustrade kits I need?


Landing balustrade kits are listed in the accessories section of our website. They are modular and are designed to link together to form longer runs of balustrade, or turn corners to form a guard rail round an opening. Models with flexible handrails can be used to form round balustrades.
These modular kits are supplied in 1 metre or 1.2 metre sections depending on manufacturer. Simply measure the space you want to install balustrade to, and order the appropriate number of kits, to the nearest metre above.


Where can I find accessories / extra treads / balustrade kits?

All available accessories are listed by make and model in the accessories section of our website, for more information click here...