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Are you considering using a spiral staircase in your home? Really, they’re not that different from your average set of stairs! They do the same job i.e. allow you to access upper and lower floors of your home, they just happen to have a slightly different design.

Key differences between spiral and traditional staircases

Obviously one of the key differences between spiral staircases and traditional stairs is their spiral design. This tends to be something you either like or loathe but we’ve found that the majority of people seem to like them. There’s something just so aesthetically pleasing about a spiral staircase and its beautiful curves. If you are looking to make a statement in your living room, hallway or even kitchen, then building a spiral staircase is sure to do the trick!

Space saving design

Aside from giving homes the wow factor, spiral staircases also benefit from having a space saving design. Sure, they do the same job as a traditional set of stairs, just in a lot less space. If you’re home is a modest size and you’re looking to make better use of the space available, then it’s well worth considering building a spiral staircase. They’re also particularly great for loft conversions where you need access but don’t want to have to spend the money on building a staircase.

Cost effectiveness

Speaking of money, spiral staircases also tend to be more cost effective than building a traditional staircase. Choose one of our affordably priced spiral staircase kits and you’ll save yourself a significant amount of cash. Not only that but our spiral staircase kits have been purposely designed for easy assembly. This means that you’ll be able to assemble your staircase yourself and can save on the cost of having to hire a builder.

Outdoor use

Spiral staircase kits are great for using outdoors. If you are splitting a house into two flats and need to provide access to the top one, then a spiral staircase will make a fantastic choice. They’re also ideal for people who want to be able to access their garden from the balcony on their top floor bedroom. As we mentioned before, they don’t take up a lot of space, so you don’t have to worry about them taking over your garden.

Civik Zink exterior spiral staircase

Civik Zink exterior spiral staircase

When it comes to choosing a staircase for your home, don’t be put off thinking spiral staircases are too different or too complicated. The truth is they’re just a different way of looking at stairs and can actually be very beneficial in terms of cost, practicality and aesthetics.


Image credit: BotMultiChillT

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