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Spiral staircases have been around for centuries and were particularly popular in churches and monasteries. The good news is they are as popular as every today, in this article we discuss some of the reasons why spiral staircases are a twenty first century fashion statement.

Make a Statement

Investing in a spiral staircase is to make a fashion statement. As aesthetically pleasing as they are practical they are also a sound investment! Bringing a sense of openness and spaciousness most people investing in a spiral staircase wondered why did I wait so long?

Costing less than most people think, a spiral staircase makes a statement of quality, valuing home comforts and being fashionable and creative within the home.

Traditional or Modern – You Choose?

Whatever the style of your interior design there will be a spiral staircase which complements your theme. Whether you prefer a traditional or modern design, whatever the colour of your wall there will be a spiral staircase to match. Materials can be added to steps to increase traction and for an improved look/feel which matches room décor.

For a traditional look wood is great, wrought iron spindles and balusters work well. Wood is associated with strength and is full of character. For a modern look, metals like aluminium and zinc work well as do wooden stairs and iron balusters.

The majority of spiral staircases are a wonderful fusion of wood and metal. This provides a perfect combination of the softness of wood also with the strength of metal. Some people feel that metal is too hard, others that wood is too soft or traditional – whatever your preference there will be a suitable spiral staircase.

Open up New Spectacular Views

Spiral staircases change the view of a property, views that never existed before! Open up new spectacular views with the introduction of a spiral staircase. This benefit is particularly the case in larger properties, such as larger homes, retail stores, etc.

Open up new spectacular views with a spiral staircase

Open up new spectacular views with a spiral staircase

Install Outside a Property Too!

Spiral staircases don’t have to be installed just in the home; they can be installed on the exterior of a property too. So home owners can make a statement both inside and outside a property with spiral staircases. With weather-proofing qualities a spiral staircase installed externally will be a feature for many years to come.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our guide to making a fashion statement with spiral staircases. If you’d like to buy a spiral staircase do get in touch with us here at Spiral Stairs Direct, we’re specialists in the supply of a wide selection of spiral staircases.


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