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The modern trend is to renovate and extend rather than move which is why so many people are opting to carry out building work on their existing houses.

This means making the most of every spare inch available, and gaining access to areas such as the loft which may have been formerly off limits.

Loft conversions are an easy way of instantly adding more space and rooms to your home, but the only problem is finding a means of getting up there. Depending on where the entrance is, adding a set of conventional stairs could be more or less impossible.

And that’s why space saver loft stairs can be so useful.

Tight spaces

Although there may be plenty of room in your loft, you may not be blessed with quite as much space in your hallway, leaving you little room for access.

This can be a real problem because if it’s not safe to climb up, then it makes a loft conversion unusable.

Luckily space saver staircases could be just what you need, offering a stable and rigid design which provides an easy route up without taking up so much room. You won’t need to compromise on quality and the design will be just as firm and strong as a full-sized staircase, meeting all the necessary safety standards in the UK.

Attractive design

Just because you need to find a staircase which saves on space doesn’t meet you should have to sacrifice style, and with the space saver staircases at Spiral Stairs Direct, you can have it all.

There’s a variety of materials and finishes to choose from so whether it’s light beech or dark walnut that matches your decor, the choice is yours.

KYA Space Saver Staircase available from us today

KYA Space Saver Staircase available from us today

And it’s not just the colour you can select; the overall design is up to you too. Different spaces require different design solutions so whether you need a straight staircase, or a spiral, or even a staircase with a landing balustrade, there’s plenty of styles to pick from.

High quality

A space saving staircase may be small but it’s also still made from the same premium materials that you would expect from any other staircase.

With balustrades to meet Building Regulations and safety standards, a more compact design still comes with the stunning finish and design excellence that you can expect when you buy from Spiral Stairs Direct.

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