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There’s something undeniably sophisticated about a staircase which elegantly stretches from one floor to the next, executing the perfect pirouette and twirl as it does so. The spiral staircase is not just practical, but a sought after design feature that’s used in many structures and pieces of architecture all over the world to great effect.

Here are some of the ways in which the spiral staircase has been used.

The modern design

Spiral staircases are often associated with subtle and classic design but The Rainbow House by Ab Rogers Design showed a very contemporary take on the idea.

Incorporated into a quirky type of home-cum-playhouse, the central and eye-catching feature was an enormous spiral staircase, covered in every colour of the rainbow, with one hue melting into the next. With glass panel sides, the visual appearance is impossible to ignore….and you won’t be able to resist a little smile either as it simply screams fun.

The classical

If you prefer something a little more traditional, the spiral staircase at the Vatican Museum is arguably one of the most beautiful in the world.

The broad, wide steps are close to being both a ramp and a staircase, having being created in a double helix design, twisted together. The great irony of this is that double helix is the basis of DNA, that which forms life itself, a somehow appropriate choice.

The miracle

An incredible work of carpentry adorns Loretto Chapel in Santa Fe, where a spiral staircase without any visible means of central support was carefully carved out.

The Sisters of Loretto have declared this to be a miracle, a view that many visitors concur with.

Spiral staircase Loretto Chapel Santa Fe

The miracle carpentry of the spiral staircase at the Loretto Chapel in Santa Fe

Climbing a total of 20 feet into the air, and with no central beam, no nails were used either, just wooden dowels. The wood for the staircase isn’t indigenous to the area and at 33 steps tall; the staircase has the same number of treads as Jesus’ age in years when he died.

No-one saw the timber being delivered, nor the work carried out…and apparently no charge on completion.

Fusing spiral staircases with technology

Taking it to another level quite literally is the spiral escalator which can be found in the Japanese department store, Daimuru, opening in May 2015.

Claiming to be the longest of its kind in the world, it’s an awe-inspiring sight, and the technology firm behind its manufacture, Mitsubishi Electric says that the design is challenging to make.

Apparently the combination of a semi-circular motion and a simultaneous upward slant is a tricky pairing to get right but with the right pieces in place, Mitsubishi have managed to create a spiral staircase of the future.

We’re sure you’ll agree with us that Spiral Stairs are an elegant solution for the home; please contact us to discuss any aspect of investing in a spiral staircase for your home.


Image Credit: Wikipedia and Wikipedia

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