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Whilst using the stairs at work is a great form of exercise for your employees as they go about their days, they can pose as a potential safety hazard. If people aren’t careful when using the stairs or the stairs have not been properly maintained, it can lead to nasty slips, trips and falls, which cannot only result in serious injury but possible legal problems for your company.

With this in mind, it’s a good idea to follow the best practice stair safety tips below to help prevent slips, trips and falls in the workplace.

1)    Make sure your staircases are well lit

Our first tip is to make sure that all of your staircases are illuminated. The more light there is and the easier it is for people to see, the less the likelihood of accidents occurring. Whilst it’s fine to make use of natural light in the daytime, it’s a good idea to have automatic lights that come on over your staircase when it reaches a certain time or light drops below a certain level.

Ensure your spiral staircase is well lit

Ensure your spiral staircase is well lit

2)    Keep them free from clutter

If your staff leave items on the stairs, they can put other people at serious risk of tripping or falling over them. When creating a health and safety policy for the workplace, make sure this point is included. We also recommend placing signs near your staircases to remind staff not to leave anything behind. Make sure you also avoid cluttering up stairwells, as this too can result in trips and falls in the workplace.

3)    Keep stairs clean

If people are carrying drinks and other liquids up and down the stairs, it’s likely that you’re going to end up with a few spillages from time to time. Make sure that all spillages are cleaned immediately to avoid unnecessary accidents on your stairs at work.

4)    Use slip resistant stair tread covers

No matter whether you have a traditional staircase or a spiral staircase in your workplace, it is a good idea to have the treads fitted with slip resistant covers. These can help people (especially those with poor grip on their shoes) walk up and down the stairs without slipping.

5)    Carry out regular stair maintenance

Although spiral staircases tend to last a good few years without requiring maintenance, it’s still important to carry out regular checks just to be on the safe side. Make sure that the treads are fixed down properly and that the handrail is fitted tightly.

Implement these suggestions and make your staff aware of the important of stair safely to reduce the risk of slips, trips and falls in the workplace. Call us on 0121 351 1533 to discuss your requirements, we can also advise further on stair safety tips.


Image credit: Leo Reynolds

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