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It’s not a popular thought but sadly as with many household furniture items regular maintenance is important for spiral staircases.

Staircases in particular see a lot of traffic and over the years will suffer from much “wear and tear”. Maintenance is important to keep the spiral staircases looking good, being functionally safe and also to extend its natural lifecycle.

As with Many Household Items Maintenance is Important!

As a general “rule of thumb” older staircases require more maintenance. It can be assumed though that all spiral staircases need some maintenance with perhaps first year maintenance being more intensive than later years as the installation “beds in”.

All spiral staircases will require maintenance periodically

All spiral staircases will require maintenance periodically

Essential Maintenance Checks

Ongoing maintenance checks are essential; frequently check the tightness of all screws and bolts in the spiral staircase; tighten or replace where necessary.

For more detailed advice, be sure to check our spiral staircase advice page at http://www.spiralstairs-direct.co.uk/shop/article.php/14/spiral-staircase-advice and http://spiralstairs-direct.co.uk/blog/maintaining-your-spiral-stairs/, which provides maintenance guidance for 1 week, 3 months and 9 to 12 months after installation.

Replace, Repair or Reinforce?

After a period of use occasionally decisions will need to be taken as to whether to replace, repair or reinforce spiral staircases, this is all part and parcel of routine maintenance.

From time to time parts of spiral staircases may need to be replaced (e.g. balustrades, stair treads, etc.) Parts requiring replacement can be detected during maintenance and replaced through ordering from suppliers like ourselves.

Fixing treads and rails on a staircase

Fixing treads and rails on a staircase

Sometimes repairs are needed, e.g. replace/re-fix a screw, secure a loose stair, etc. These simple repairs can be made as part of the maintenance regime. For extra peace of mind, reinforcement to strengthen spiral staircases can be a great idea too, this can be achieved in a number of ways (e.g. use of L-brackets).

Be Safe not Sorry

At all times be safe not sorry. Don’t leave things to chance, if any aspect of the spiral staircase seems wrong investigate without delay and replace, repair or reinforce.

Routine safety advice applies to spiral staircases such as don’t leave obstacles in harm’s way and also ensure the person is suitably able to install the spiral staircase. Ensure the staircase is cleaned as a standard part of household cleaning, weekly is ideal. In particular the hand rails, treads and balusters should be cleaned of any spillages and made slip-proof.

If unsure get a skilled tradesman to either complete the installation or to at least quality inspect it.

Where more significant and perhaps structural problems arise with the staircase the sensible approach is always to replace the entire staircase.


Image Credits: and Melissa de Vere

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