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Over the years, we’ve there’s been a lot of myths and confusion surrounding spiral staircases, so we thought we’d take this opportunity to bust some myths and share the truth about spiral staircases.

“Spiral staircases are difficult to install”

Many people wrongly believe that spiral staircases are difficult to build, when it actual fact, it’s much easier to install a spiral staircase than any other type of staircase. What’s more, Spiral Stairs Direct offers a number of spiral staircase kits that you can build yourself at home! There’ll be no need to hire someone to do it for you, helping you to save on costs. We’ll provide you with step-by-step instructions and a DVD to watch so you’ll have all the guidance you need to build a spiral staircase in your home.

“Spiral staircases aren’t safe”

It’s a common misconception that spiral staircases are more dangerous than your average set of stairs but this isn’t actually the case. Providing the spiral stairs you install meet all of the latest regulations, there’s nothing to suggest they pose any more of a risk than other staircases. Just make sure that if you have young children in the house, the balustrades and riser bars are fitted in accordance with the specification set out by the building regulations.

You can also improve the safety of your spiral staircase by ensuring they are well illuminated and free from clutter. Slip-resistant pads can be purchased for the treads, to help prevent accidents.

“Spiral staircases only look right in certain types of homes”

Many people associate spiral staircases with old and traditional homes, however they actually look great in all settings. Even if your home is ultra modern, a wood or metal spiral staircase can really add to the décor. What’s more, they can help to maximise your living space and at a time where space comes at a premium, this is of great benefit to homeowners.

Match your spiral staircase with the look of your home

Match your spiral staircase with the look of your home

“Spiral staircases are too expensive”

People often assume that a spiral staircase will be out of their price league, when it actual fact they are often more cost effective than installing a traditional staircase. The reason being is that you can install a spiral staircase yourself, whereas you’d have to hire a carpenter or builder to install a traditional staircase in your home.

Our spiral staircases vary in price, depending on the style and materials used. Take a look at our website for a better idea of the price you can expect to pay for one of our kits.


Image credit: o palsson and Lars Plougmann


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