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Many people are put off buying a spiral staircase as they wrongly assume that they’re unsafe. The truth is that spiral staircases are just as safe as any other staircase, though it’s always sensible to put a few precautions in place!

Comply with the regulations

If your spiral staircase will act as your main staircase (i.e. it serves two or more rooms) then it will need to be 800mm wide with a maximum rise of 220mm. The length of each step should be at least 190mm in order to comply with British Standards. If your spiral staircase is a secondary staircase (serves only one room) it should be 60mm wide with a rise of 220mm and a step length of no more than 145mm.

It is important to make sure your riser bars (the bits that fit horizontally between the treads) reduce the gap between the treads to less than 100mm. The Building Regulations state that riser bars should be fitted on all open tread stairs, especially where children under five might be using the staircase.

Install a handrail

As with all stairs, it’s important to make sure you install a handrail for your spiral staircase. A handrail provides something you can hold onto as you walk up and down your staircase and also provides support if you accidentally trip or fall.

Buy non-slip mats for your spiral staircase

If you are worried about slipping on your spiral staircase, you may want to consider buying non-slip mats. These basically grip to the steps and provide a safer surface for you to walk in. It’s a good idea to buy these if you have children using the stairs, carry a baby up and down the stairs or are known for being quite clumsy!

See our blog post titled ‘child-proofing your spiral staircase,’ for more information on how to make your spiral staircase safe for kids.

Keep your spiral staircase tidy

Leaving items on your spiral staircase can pose serious health and safety hazards. Make sure that you and other people in your household keep your spiral staircase tidy to avoid unnecessary accidents.

Tidy Clutter Free Spiral Staircase

It’s important your spiral staircase is kept tidy and free from any clutter

Carry out maintenance on your spiral staircase

Maintaining your spiral staircase on a regular basis will help to keep it in a good condition and ensure it remains safe for you and your family to use. You may find that you need to tighten the fixings and brackets on your spiral staircase every few months.

Spiral Stairs Direct are experts in the field of spiral staircases. Give us a call today to discuss the safety aspects of spiral staircases and we will be able to create a safe solution for your home.


Image credit: Matt Schiffler Photography

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