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In this article we explore the trend for open plan living, and make some suggestions for using a spiral staircase – so check out our suggestions for one of the larger structures in your living space, the staircase.

Patinated Spiral Staircase with modern edgy look

Open Plan Spiral Stairs

So why look at open plan spiral stairs? The Current trend for interiors is to “open plan” the space as much as possible. When it comes to staircases, traditional wooden designs with solid stringers and risers just aren’t at the cutting edge of design any more. One alternative is to look at modern spiral staircase designs, with open structures and architecture that allow more light, whilst giving a modern aesthetic feel to the staircase structure.





Space Saving Design

In an open plan room environment you want to be able to circulate your interior space with the fewest obstructions and greater line of sight. A spiral staircase, with its open structure, really benefits an open space. Because of its space saving design you can also relocate your staircase to the edge of a room, or a corner location, out of the way of the main traffic areas. Spiral Stairs occupy far less space than a traditional straight flight, so they work in smaller properties too. Many spiral staircases are used in modern “loft” apartments for that very reason, they are also excellent when used with a mezzanine or sleeping platform, without eating up the main living space.

UK Building Regulations

For most types of installation, building regulations apply to any staircase including spiral stairs. It’s advisable to consult your Building Control Department for advice before you go knocking down walls or planning that expensive interior. However as a rule of thumb, secondary spirals can be 1400mm diameter up to 1800mm diameter, primary spirals are minimum 2.om diameter. Don’t forget, if you want to be certain that your staircase meets building regulations, consult Building Control!


Buy a staircase from Spiral Stairs Direct

For a great selection of spiral staircase designs, from low-cost budget to top-of-the-range custom options, contact us here.  We have a wide range of spiral staircases to choose from and can also offer design/consultancy, implementation and also the creation of a custom solution wherever it is required.


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