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NEW Gamia Wood with revised handrail

NEW Gamia Wood with revised handrail

A new version of the Gamia Wood spiral staircase kit is now available. The new version features a colour coded handrail and fixings, so if you order a grey staircase the fixings and handrail will now be supplied in grey instead of the old black colour. The handrail is now a smooth pvc moulding, which looks more modern and attractive than the Moplen handrail it replaces. The black version of the staircase will still have black fixings and handrail, but the handrail will be the new smooth profile.

The upgrades are expected to begin shipping after August 2018

Popular Upgrade to an iconic spiral staircase

This upgrade is expected to make the Gamia Wood even more popular, especially as it meets the requirements of building regulations in the UK. Very few competitors have a 1400mm diameter spiral staircase which meets these regulations, so we expect the Gamia Wood to maintain and increase its popularity during 2018.

The 1400mm diameter and 1600mm diameter versions meet the requirements of British Standards for secondary use, under BS5395-2 as required in building regulations.

Quality Components

The Italian manufacturer has maintained the high quality components, such as solid beech treads, which you don’t get on other spiral staircases in this price range. The new one-piece handrail is easy to fit, even for a novice, as it is flexible yet extremely solid when installed.

Safe and Secure

As with the previous model, the balustrade system is designed for the UK market, with the correct UK spacings for spindles and the correct height too, so you can be assured your balustrade system will be safe and secure. If you have young children, there are also Child-safety riser bars available to close off the open treads, and to prevent the passage of a 100mm sphere as required in building regulations.

For a great deal on the upgraded Gamia Wood Spiral staircase for 2018, check out our website or give us a call on 0121 351 1533

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