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The loft is increasingly being used as extra living space and a loft spiral staircase can help you make the most of this valuable space.

Many of us are looking to maximise the amount of living space in our homes. Property prices are on the rise again and mortgages are becoming more difficult to obtain. The cost of moving home is also getting bigger with a whole host of fees from estate agents, solicitors, removal costs and stamp duty. And don’t get us started on the stress levels. It’s perhaps not surprising that we homeowners are staying put and making the most of the space we have. Basement conversions are flourishing but for most of us it is the loft that offers the best way to extend the amount of living space and add a further bedroom, bathroom or study/playroom etc. No wonder a 2011 survey found that loft conversions topped the list for adding value to property.

Loft conversion and spiral staircases

We won’t pretend that converting a loft is entirely trouble free. There are of course many statutory requirements and building regulations that need to be satisfied and most homeowners will employ the services of professionals to help them – architects and builders mostly. There are many decisions to be made about the style and configuration of the loft conversion and this may involve major tasks involving roofs and ceiling.

The design and position of the staircase is another key decision in any loft conversion, as it will dictate how much of the storey below is lost to create access. The stairs must land where there is at least 1.9m of headroom (and 1.8m at the sides), which can limit options. The steeper and narrower a staircase, the more space efficient it is. The maximum pitch under Building Regulations is 42° and although there is no minimum width for a staircase, less than 600mm is unlikely to prove practical. The Homebuilding And Renovating website’s useful ‘Loft Conversion Guide’ concludes “A spiral staircase is one of the most space-efficient options available.”

Many of the most popular styles of spiral staircases kits are ideal for opening up the loft. Space is often at a premium so the smaller widths are generally the best solution. Even here there is a massive range of styles and finishes to ensure that the staircase is practical as well as stylish – it needs to complement the style of the rest of the property. Check out the Civik spiral staircase – a really popular kit for loft conversions.

Space saving staircase

A spiral staircase is not the only option for a loft conversion. There is a wide range of great looking and great value space saving staircases that are idea for the job. Most are manufactured to meet UK building regs (always check before you buy or seek some expert advice) and are designed to make the most of restricted spaces. For example the Gamia Mini Plus space saving loft staircase is a very compact staircase ideal for use in a loft conversion or similar project. The kit is supplied with beech treads and a balustrade. The standard kit is a straight compact space saver, to which you can add either 1 or 2 quarter landings to turn the flight through 90 or 180 degrees to make an L or U shaped staircase. If you have a lack of space then this is a real solution to your problem – the design of the offset treads means the Mini Plus will fit in spaces where a conventional staircase cannot.  To ensure a perfect fit the tread riser height is fully adjustable, allowing you to fit the staircase to the exact height you require.

For expert advice on your loft spiral staircase or space saver staircase give us a call on 0121 351 1533.

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