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Are you thinking of giving your property a makeover in 2015? If you want to make your home the talk of the town, you may want to consider following some of this year’s top interior design trends. To give you a helping hand, we’ve shared some of our favourite trends below…

Light coloured wood

Dark woods like maple may be elegant and classy but blonde woods remain on trend for 2015. The great thing about light coloured woods is that they refresh the home, making it feel bigger, brighter and more welcoming. Many of our spiral staircase kits are available in blonde woods including light oak and natural beech.


Marble’s no stranger to kitchen and bathroom countertops but this year it’s taking over the home! From marble walls and floors to home accessories, there are plenty of different ways you can incorporate this interior design trend into your home.

Black kitchens

Sleek and sophisticated black kitchens are bang on trend for 2015. The thought off black countertops, appliances and bar stools may seem a little daunting at first but trust us, it works! If you are thinking of building a mezzanine floor above your kitchen this year, be sure to check out our Wenge finish spiral staircases, which will tone in perfectly with your black interior.

Mixing the old with the new

What better way to add interest and character to your contemporary styled home than with traditional-style furniture? Mixing the old with the new is something that all of the top interior designers are recommending in 2015.

Statement lights

If you are looking for an easy way to update your home in 2015, why not invest in statement lights? Grid-like light fixtures are currently very popular and are great for adding an arty-feel to your home. The great thing about statement light fixtures is that it doesn’t matter whether they’re switched on or off – they still look good!

Mixed metals

Whereas in the past it was considered a faux pas to mix your metals, in 2015 it’s what all of the top interior designers are encouraging! Styling warm metals like copper and rose gold with cool toned silver and black will add visual interest to your home and make your rooms look like they’ve stepped off the page of a homeware magazine.

Metal Spiral Staircase

A metal staircase, perfect for home use

Speaking of mixing your metals, we have a number of different metal spiral staircases available. Whether you’re looking to improve access to your new loft conversion or replace your existing staircase, a metal spiral staircase will make a wonderful choice!

Which interior design trends are you following this year?


Image credit: larkandlarks

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