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If throughout the summer of 2016 you’d like to spend more time outside then perhaps now is the perfect time to install an exterior spiral staircase – or at least start to think about the idea!

Adding an exterior spiral staircase will add a WOW factor, be very convenient and also add to the value of your home. In this article we’ve listed a number of locations which are ideal to install an exterior spiral staircase.


Although you may have access to a balcony internally it could be a nice touch to also provide access to a balcony via a spiral staircase. This is a unique method of providing access but is also high-class and an elegant touch. It’s your very own chance to stage a Romeo and Juliet scene!


If anywhere on your property there is a decking area then adding a spiral staircase could be an innovative and liberating idea that family members and house guests will enjoy.

Pleasing on the eye an exterior spiral staircase leading to decking will be very convenient and a conversation point for visiting guests. A metallic staircase (such as our Zinc models) will stand the test of time and are aesthetically pleasing too.

Fire Escape / Emergency Exit

An exterior spiral staircase can be used as an additional fire escape or emergency exit. Sometimes when carrying out a risk assessment the Fire Service could advise to create an additional fire exit (particularly where there is only one exit from the property). Adding an external spiral staircase could be an elegant, practical and effective solution in the case of a fire or other emergency situation.

Gamia Zinc Exterior Spiral Staircase

Gamia Zinc Exterior Spiral Staircase

Water Slide

Installing a spiral staircase next to a water slide by the family swimming pool could be another innovative and appealing idea to family and visitors. The staircase would offer a convenient way to climb to the top before using the water slide.

Exterior Spiral Staircases Available from Spiral Stairs Direct

Have fun this summer by installing an exterior spiral staircase. At the time of writing there were five spiral staircases available from Spiral Stairs Direct, for your convenience these are listed below:

With prices ranging from around £800 to £1,100 these exterior spiral staircases are very affordable and could just transform your home!


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