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Autumn is on the horizon, making now the perfect time to spruce up your home for the new season. Here are the key home trends for A/W 2015 to give you a little design inspiration…


The indulgence homeware trend is all about embracing the luxury lifestyle – something we’re sure you’ll be more than happy to do! Think of 1920s and 30s styling, The Great Gatsby, beautiful textures and shiny accessories and you’ll be right on point. Velvet is the perfect material to dress your home in, rich colours of purple and royal blue and add a touch of elegance with a beautifully designed metal spiral staircase.


The Scandi trend is almost the exact opposite of the Indulgence trend and more akin with those that favour minimalist styling. Think organic patterns that bring the outdoors into your home and classic Nordic palettes featuring shades of grey, blue and orange. Keep your furniture simple and stylish to add a refreshing feel to your home.

Our spiral staircases will help to maximise space in your minimalist, Scandi home this autumn.

Style up your home with the Scandi trend.

Style up your home with the Scandi trend


Satisfy your feelings of wanderlust with the globetrotting fusion trend. This key homeware trend for A/W 2015 is all about combining colours, patterns and textures from around the world. It’s one of those trends that you’ll be able to put your unique stamp on, incorporating pieces you’ve picked up on your travels, as well as few less authentic pieces from homeware stores! Don’t be afraid to mix different patterns – the bolder, the better.

Traditional townhouse

Combine elegance and grace with practicality by following the traditional townhouse trend this season. This is all about the classics, using timeless pieces to create an effortlessly confident and polished aesthetic. Combine heritage patterns with refined colour palettes to achieve an interior that boasts both style and functionality.

Of course, nothing quite says elegance like a beautiful spiral staircase and luckily for you, we have plenty of stunning designs to choose from. Whether you are after a traditional metal spiral staircase or a stylish wooden spiral staircase, you are guaranteed to find the perfect design on the Spiral Stairs Direct website.

Have a browse and see which spiral staircase will go best with your new season design. If you have any questions, you can always contact us on 0121 351 1533.


Image credits: PoshSurfSide and Emily @ go haus go


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