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Here are 5 reasons why the Gamia Zink Exterior spiral staircase is the best choice kit for the UK.

  1. The Gamia Zink is hot dip galvanized which means it is rust-proof

    Its not like we ever get any rain in the UK, but still its great to know that if it ever did rain, the staircase would not go rusty! Unlike paint finishes the zink coating on the Gamia is maintenance free, you just leave it to gently weather to a grey patinated finish.

  2. You can make all the treads the same height

    Now it might seem a bit odd to say this as you would imagine this would be the case on all spiral staircases, but actually most kit stairs can’t achieve the same height treads all the way up the staircase. Models such as the Civik Zink will only work if you use two different tread riser heights in the same flight, for example, due to the limitations of their tread adjustment. There will also be occasions with the Civik where you can only reach your chosen height by making the treads really high, much higher than building regs allows. No such problems with the Gamia Zink, its got continuously variable adjustment on each tread allowing height to be set to fractions of a millimetre!

  3. It comes in 3 widths, including 1400mm diameter building regs approved

    Which is the smallest in the UK! So you can save space AND meet the regs in one compact package. There are no other small exterior spiral staircase kits that can achieve building regs. If any of our competitors say their spiral stairs can do it, get it in writing!

  4. Its recently received an upgraded handrail 

    To which you are entitled to think “Big Deal” – but the new smooth, modern version of the handrail is proving to be very popular. To be honest the old handrail was never very popular, as it was a hangover from the eighties. Like big shoulder pads and the Nissan Cherry, its had its day. Time for a change. Arrivederci, adios, farewell, bogoff, the ugly handrail is now gone! And of course the new handrail is one-piece pvc, which is really easy to fit. NO kinks or joins in it, and really modern looking, it will really set off your spiral staircase a treat!

  5. It is fantastic value for money!

    I would venture to say that with everything the Gamia Zink spiral staircase kit offers, you won’t find a better spiral for the money. You can save money by building it yourself, its easy to assemble, its rust proof, it meets the building regulations, it arrives in 2 weeks from order, its compact in size, its adjustable for height to get a perfect fit, etc etc. Whats not to like?

For a great deal on the Gamia Zink Spiral Staircase Kit, check out our website or give us a call on 0121 351 1533

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