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Just when we thought we’d seen it all, a news story gets released about a man who has built his beloved cats their very own spiral staircase. Yes you read that right – a spiral staircase for cats!

Cats love spiral staircases too!

It seems that it’s not only humans that are a fan of aesthetically pleasing spiral staircases but our feline friends too! Peter Cohen has modified his home in Santa Barbara, California to include spiral staircases, catwalks, tunnels, perches and a number of other cat accessories. He has also commissioned the manufacturing of specially designed odourless closets that come complete with twenty two litter boxes.

The new installations are used and enjoyed by the fourteen cats he has rescued over the years but Peter has also said that he likes the interest they add to his home. They certainly give a whole new meaning to a ‘unique interior design.’

Peter is not the only owner to have built a spiral staircase for cats

However Peter isn’t the only pet owner to have built a spiral staircase for his feline friends. Back in 2011, Adrienne Ellery and her boyfriend Gareth Bowen from Fulham built their own external spiral staircase for their ginger Tabby, Tom.

After Tom the cat developed a painful condition in his joints that left him unable to jump the garden fence, Gareth decided to build a spiral staircase to give him a leg up and over! The spiral staircase was built in a day, using off-cuts of timber and features twelve steps. Asked why he didn’t create a standard staircase for the cat (if there is such thing as a standard staircase for a cat) he replied that there wasn’t a huge amount of room, so the only solution was to build it in a spiral. We told you spiral staircases are space saving!

Inspirational Spiral Staircase Design

Your cat would love this spiral staircase design!

So do we stock spiral staircases for cats?

Whilst we don’t currently stock spiral staircases for pets (never say never) we have a number of metal and wooden spiral staircases for you humans to enjoy. Whether you are looking to provide access to a loft conversion or simply save space in your home, our spiral staircases will provide the perfect solution.

Spiral Stairs Direct also stock a wide range of external spiral staircases that are great for using as fire escapes and creating access from top floor flats to ground floor gardens. They come in a number of different designs and are all made from weatherproof materials.

What’s even better is that all of our spiral staircases come in easy-to-assemble kits. All you need is a few basic tools and you’ll be good to go.

If you want to enjoy your spiral staircase as much as the cats in Peter’s house, get order in today!


Image credit: Nicholasconnault

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