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Here are 5 great things about the Dolle Calgary Spiral Staircase, in no particular order!

1. Its easy to build.

The Calgary spiral staircase kit is very straightforward and simple to assemble, it can truly be described as a DIY staircase. Designed in the country that first brought us flatpack furniture, the Calgary spiral staircase arrives at your door as a kit. You don’t need any special tools to assemble it, just standard DIY toolbox stuff most people already own. Not only is there an easy to follow written manual, there is also an installation video (which you can also see on our Youtube channel Here…) But don’t worry if you do get stuck – we can help you with advice and assistance on the phone or email to quickly get you back on track!

2. You can adjust the height to suit your room

No need to worry about your staircase arriving and not fitting – the Calgary is fully adjustable for height anywhere between 204mm and 234mm per tread, which gives a maximum height of just over 2800mm. Height adjustment is easy using the simple spacer system, just read off your height from the chart supplied and it will tell you how many spacers to add for each tread. You will receive 12 steps in the kit including the landing platform, which will suit most room heights in the UK. At time of writing you cannot add any extra treads to the kit, however. Download a brochure here…..

3. You can choose from 3 popular colours

The Calgary Spiral staircase is available in 3 colours to enhance and complement your interior, White, Grey or Black. The treads are finished in a natural light wood colour, so you are sure to find a combination that suits you.

Calgary Spiral Staircase showing Colour Options Black, Grey and White

Colour Options Black, Grey and White

4. Strong but light construction

One of the best features about the Calgary spiral staircase is the way its engineered, using lightweight yet strong materials such as steel tubing for the spindles and centre column, and multiplex wood for the tread construction. Using multiplex for the treads provides a thinner, lighter tread, but with plenty of strength to cope with the rigours of every day use.

5. Its Cheap to buy, and delivered in a week!

There’s no denying the price is very eye-catching, at time of writing the Calgary spiral staircase kit in 1200mm diameter is only £595.00 including Vat and delivery! There isn’t a “proper” spiral staircase in these diameters that comes anywhere near this for value for money. Delivery is generally from stock, either direct from the factory or from our UK depot, so you should receive your staircase around 1 week from order, or even quicker.


For more information please check out the Calgary Spiral Staircase on our website, and the other fantastic ranges and special offers too!

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